As a global cross-industry AI and data transformation leader, Edosa Odaro has led several innovations that have resulted in organisational success thanks to the effective implementation of data transformation strategies.

In leadership positions across diverse sectors, he has helped over 35 leading international organisations deliver significant impact through analytics and intelligent interventions.

A multi-award winning data leader with an academic background in economics, computer science, business, technology and innovation, Edosa is also a firm believer in the power of a significant focus on people, on relationships, and on culture.

Besides his senior data leadership roles, Edosa also sits on several Boards as non-executive member and trustee, and is a regular public speaker.

From his vast store of meticulous field notes and interview transcripts chronicling 23 years of experience, he has also compiled a record of insights and methodologies for his first book: Making Data Work.

Making Data Work 

Enabling Digital Transformation, Empowering People and Advancing Organisational Success

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Beyond Making Data Work, Edosa has recent released Value-Driven Data focuses on the three simple things that under-pin the quest for unlocking value from data: vision, value and obstacles. Ultimately, this multivolume publication is a no-nonsense account of what it takes to unlock data value. Told through a combination of professional experiences and real-life case studies, it explains how data stakeholders can leverage value-driven opportunities for themselves, their organizations and society at large.

He is a multi-award winner, including being named a Financial Times Top 100 Most Influential Leader, a Global 100 Data Activator, and one of the 30 Most Influential Leaders in FinTech & Data.

Edosa is a keen advocate for equity and is passionate about a brand of inclusion that is underpinned by the empowerment of diverse minds.

Beyond the world of work, Edosa enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons - experiencing a variety of activities, including football, cycling, running, swimming and skiing.

Edosa would love to support your transformation from Organizational Visions into Quantifiable Data Value....

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