Author, DE&I advocate, and award winning data transformation specialist, Edosa speaks to audiences about how to make data work.
Edosa Odaro

Edosa has had over 80 speaking engagements spanning various countries, across a variety of physical settings and virtual channels. He has spoken at both academic and industry events with a focus on 3 main subject areas:

- Digital: including technological implications of data and artificial intelligence for digital transformation

- Data: including its underpinnings of both data science and artificial intelligence, and the necessary foundations of the people, talent and structures required for making data work

- Diversity: including its broadest implications for making data work, its impacts on both creativity and equity, and his passion for a brand of inclusion that is underpinned by the empowerment of diverse minds

Edosa has several hours of on-stage content already created – which he personalises and builds on for each individual presentation. Keynote lengths range from 10 minutes to over 90 minutes, with extreme flexibility on length. He is also versed in the delivery of a variety of digital formats, including, webinars, podcasts, and panels.

It is easy to get in touch with Edosa - either via @edosa on LinkedIn, @EdosaOdaroData on Instagram, @EdosaOdaro on Twitter, or via email on speaking@edosaodaro.com.

Edosa would love to support your transformation from Organizational Visions into Quantifiable Data Value....

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