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Value-Driven Data focuses on the three simple things that under-pin the quest for unlocking value from data: vision, obstacles, and value.

The focus of the first part of this book is to answer questions such as: What is data vision? How can we identify and capture data visions? Why do data visions of all sizes matter?

From there, the task becomes unambiguous about value. This is explored in depth in the final part of this book, which highlights approaches to identifying, capturing and communicating data value. Separating – as well as bridging – these two parts of the book are chapters focused on the obstacles that stand between visions and value.

Ultimately, this book is a no-nonsense account of what it takes to unlock data value. Told through a combination of professional experiences and real-life case studies, it explains how data stakeholders can leverage value-driven opportunities for themselves, their organizations and society at large.

Back Cover Reviews

"Value-Driven Data is a timely and practical guide to support us all with the challenge of unlocking and measuring the value of data. This thought provoking book is filled with practical examples to support frameworks and theories. A must read for all executives." ― Dr Johanna Hutchinson, Chief Data Officer, BAE Systems and Board Member, The Royal Statistics Society

"A masterclass in how to unlock the true value of data for your organization. Value-Driven Data is a must read for all data leaders." ― Hartnell Ndungi, Chief Data Officer, Absa Group

"A powerful reminder that data is not just a valuable asset, but a critical driver of business success and unlocking new value pools sitting at the intersection of technology and sustainable business." ― LamΓ© Verre, Head of Strategy, Innovation & Sustainability, SSE Energy Customer Solutions and Global Future Council Member, World Economic Forum

β€œValue-Driven Data is an excellent book and a valuable resource for anyone looking to cut through the noise. It provides clarity on how to quantify the financial impact of data initiatives and effectively communicates with senior and non-technical audiences using clear and concise language." ― Amy Shi-Nash, Chief Analytics & Data Officer, Tabcorp and Data Board Member, MIT Sloan School of Management

Value Driven Data

Identifying, Communicating and Delivering Effective Business Solutions with Data.

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"Edosa has masterfully stitched together a collection of great examples with a set of tangible principles to guide readers on how to enhance their potential with data. The insights that this book provides are unique, the advice practical and the success stories applicable across industry sectors." ― Mona Soni, Chief Technology Officer, formerly at S&P Global and Dow Jones

"Provides insightful frameworks and considerations for every organization that wants to get more value out of data and analytics." ― Gero Martin Gunkel, Data Science Leader & Chief Operating Officer (ZCAM), Zurich Insurance

"Value-Driven Data offers a combination of deep knowledge and practical value for leaders guiding organizations through the responsible use of data. Odaro brings together a variety of perspectives from data practitioners and consultants to executive leadership in global businesses. I hope his shared knowledge will reach data professionals around the world and contribute to their success." ― Simone Steel, Chief Data and Analytics Officer & CIO for Enterprise Data Platforms, Nationwide Building Society

"Value Driven Data cuts through the rumours and hearsay with real-life, no-nonsense examples of creating a data vision and value in practice. This is a comprehensive guide for both data professionals and business leaders. Once you have read it you won't want to do research without it." ― Graeme McDermott, Chief Data Officer, Tempcover

Value Driven Data

Identifying, Communicating and Delivering Effective Business Solutions with Data.

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"Value-Driven Data provides a comprehensive framework for developing a data vision that aligns with the overall strategy of an organisation. One of the most impressive aspects of the book is how it breaks down complex concepts into easy-to-understand language, making it an enjoyable read for anyone interested in data strategy, regardless of their level of expertise." ― Rowland Agidee, Head of Data Management, UK Intellectual Property Office

"Edosa has done terrific work in producing this masterpiece! I like the way he has used data visions as the starting point and has linked all chapters to it by creating a practical and actionable book to help organizations realize their full potential." ― Ram Kumar, Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Cigna

"Edosa brings his experience and expertise together to remind us all of how expressing data value is fundamental to data driven transformation." ― JC Lionti, Managing Director & Chief Data Officer, formerly at BNP Paribas Americas

"Value-Driven Data is an incredible resource, full of frameworks and tools to help navigate the elusive topic of data value in an easy to digest format, with stories drawn from Edosa's long professional career. A valuable instrument in an era of cost optimisation, providing knowledge to the reader to aid in directing and articulating vision, value and creating pathways to overcome obstacles." ― Stylianos Taxidis, Head of Data Science & AI, Costain Group

"Finally, a book that makes delivering value through data the number one priority. Business Leaders, whilst interested, do not really care how we as data professionals do it. Influencing top line, cost avoidance and bottom line are central to 99.9% of business strategies and so should also be the main focus when creating data strategies. Using real-world and highly relatable examples, Edosa has delivered an essential read for both data and business professionals." ― Sam Richmond, Group Head of Data, The Go-Ahead Group

About the Author

Edosa is a cross-industry AI (artificial intelligence) and data transformation leader who has helped countless international organisations deliver significant impact through advanced data analytics, transformation strategy implementations, and value-based intelligent interventions. Currently Chief Data Analytics & Privacy Officer, Edosa also serves on selective boards.

Beyond his academic background in economics, computer science, busi- ness, technology and innovation, Edosa’s ability to solve problems is enhanced by his significant focus on the importance of people and of culture – as well as his passion for a brand of inclusion that is underpinned by the empowerment
of diverse minds.

He is a multi-published author, a non-executive board member, a guest lecturer and a regular speaker. Edosa is also a multi-award winner, including being named a Financial Times Top 100 Most Influential Leader, a Global 100 Data Activator and one of the 30 Most Influential Leaders in FinTech & Data.

Outside of work, Edosa enjoys spending time with his wife, his two sons and his family – experiencing a wide variety of activities, including football, cycling, running and skiing.

Value Driven Data

Identifying, Communicating and Delivering Effective Business Solutions with Data.

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Key Features at a Glance

  • Offers a solutions-focused approach to maximizing data value in organizations, situated in business needs and with guidance on navigating common minefields
  • Presents original tried-and-tested frameworks that can be tailored and applied to different contexts, organizations and business sectors
  • Includes cutting-edge examples and cases relating to digital transformation, data strategy, building a data P&L and AI-driven value prediction methodology, featuring personal experiences from numerous organizations in the private, government, and multilateral sectors
  • Presents tangible methodologies for identifying, capturing, communicating, measuring and deploying data-enabled opportunities for both data leaders and business executives
  • Provides actionable solutions to resolve common obstacles that prevent the successful implementation of data value strategies for businesses, such as digital transformation and increasing monetization goals

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