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Making Data Work...

It has been an unbelievable journey (more on this later) BUT my new book - Making Data Work - is now available via Routledge (my publishers), via Amazon and through all major book sellers!
Making Data Work...

It started with a few late night scribbles, followed by countless hours of writing and countless rounds of editing. It has been an incredible journey (more on this later) into what for me has been a new territory.

This makes it all the more thrilling to be able to announce today that I have now written a book, Making Data Work, which is now available via Routledge (my publishers), on Amazon or through all other major book sellers!

While I am super excited to be at this point, there is no denying that writing has been tough – and this was certainly not the easiest of roads. So, why did I feel compelled to embark on this journey?

First Few Scribbles
You can get your copy of Making Data Work, by clicking here.

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