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The Fear of Change...

Most now accept that 80% of all data & analytics projects fail BUT the enemy is often not just technology, funding or talent. Instead, it is something deeper, darker and more illusive: fear. Today's episode delivers premium content for solving this challenge and more insights about Making Data Work.
The Fear of Change...

Why do we encounter so much resistance to change even when such change could seem beneficial. Today's episode explores this challenge and offers a tangible step-wise approach to resolving such situations. It will explore 3 key sources of resistance:

  1. The fear of transformation (below)
  2. Concerns versus benefits (premium)
  3. The game of fear (premium)

It will then dive into a tangible 3 step process for their resolution:

  1. Traditional (premium)
  2. Enhancement (premium)
  3. Ultimate (premium)
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The Fear of Transformation

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When it comes to transformation across data, AI, and technology, one of the big problems is that people look to sell change. While, on the surface, this really is what we want to be doing and is absolutely the logical thing to do - selling the benefits of change - it often leads to unintended consequences.

The Fear of Transformation

In my experience, one of the biggest challenges to focusing on "the sell" is that it often does not deliver the expected result and we instead come up against a huge amount of resistance, which is born out of fear.

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